Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Turning Point of my life

Being a part of Punjabi family, it is always expected to get married soon and then have family planning soon. And same was the case with me too. Agree, apart from family pressure to make their dreams come true of becoming Dadi, Dada, nana, nani and all; I too longed to become a mother. It was 30th April 2013 morning, just few days after we returned from our fun filled Kashmir trip, when I was thrilled to know that I am soon going to bring a new life in this world. And since then I was showered with all types advises, tips, dos and don'ts list from almost everyone and everywhere.

 First trimester - As everyone says that the first 3 months of pregnancy are extremely critical and mother has to be extra careful with her health and diet. True, These 3 months, I was filled with mixed bag of emotions - extremely happy and excited and wanted to shout and announce to the world that I am going to be a mother soon. but on second thought I realized that I am not the only to be pregnant. Also being part of typical superstitious family it is believed that we should not tell anyone about the news to avoid any mishappening. These 3 months were filled with happiness, fear, excitement and fun. Also, being working women I had to manage and plan my work life balance.

Second Trimester - I exactly don't remember when this phase actually started and when it ended. It is probably the most easy phase of whole pregnancy. I just watched my body grow and becoming fat lady and it is the only time when any women on earth would be happy to see her weight gain. I enjoyed the time of being pampered and being extra cared by family members and in office too there were no work pressures... wow felt like either being a child without responsibility or being a teenager enjoying college life. It was this phase where my hubby and me needed to decide about the hospital for delivery. and after hell lot of confusion and discussion with family and friends we decided on M.K.W hospital, Rajouri garden. In this face I started feeling baby moments and it bring me lot of happiness; every time I went to doc for check up I could hear the baby's heartbeat and a smile automatically on my face.

Third Trimester -  For me, this was the toughest phase of my pregnancy, as 6 months were without any health problem and were spend in excitement. In this phase, I faced almost all sort of problems, from baby being weak, almost nil baby growth, I had high BP for which I was admitted in hospital, My SGPT level were high i.e. my liver enzyme were high, and had fear of pre-mature delivery. I now had to more careful about the baby moments and had to take extra care in my diet so that baby grows healthy. Now I just can't wait to see my baby and eagerly wanted the pregnancy phase end and hold my baby. But thank God and thanks to medicines I passed this phase and my delivery date was decided at the end of 37 weeks when baby is safe to come into this world. Though this date is actually almost 20 days before the actual due date but as per doc it is safe for baby and me. So I thrilled to carry my baby whom I felt in my body so long; can't wait to see his/her face.

Surely the whole pregnancy is very long waiting period to see the baby, a part of our own body. 

ज़िन्दगी का नया एहसास कितना हसीं हैं 
एक ज़िन्दगी को पलना कितना हसीं है
तेरी हर धड़कन को सुनना 
तेरे हाथ पैर हिलाना 
वो करवटें ले कर गुदगुदाना कितना हसीं है 
तेरी हर चाहत को चाहना 
तेरी हर आहट को महसूस करना कितना हसीं है 
तेरे होने में ही मेरी हर बात अब पूरी नजर आती है 
नज़रों में तेरी आने की चमक बढ़ती जाती है 
इन्तजार की घडी अब काटे नहीं काटी जाती है 
आ मेरी ज़िन्दगी मेरे अंश तू जल्दी आ जा 
अब एक नए रूप में मुझसे मेरा ही परिचय करा जा अब !!

Side effects of being mother-

  • I miss my doing my interests like driving, dancing and participating in fun activities at office. 
  • I miss wearing my favorite dress that i used to fit in. 
  • I miss travelling. 
  • Staying at home for so many days. 
but for sure being mother is God's biggest blessing one can ever receive... feels blessed feels complete... 

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