Sunday, January 3, 2010

missing you

Life seemed beautiful when you entered my life,
And you showed me dreams of your would be wife
Those moments were so special so beautiful
When we spent time together, talking, walking and our laughter,
Romance was all in the air & we left the throng
Then abruptly you went away without saying a word,
Without hearing a word, neither said nor heard…
I kept wondering what went wrong…
I doubted myself I blamed my destiny
I asked several times to God
Why did it happen? Why me why?

Considering this as our break up
I decided to move on in my life,
Than to keep crying for you Mr. escapist,
I visited many places just to forget you…
But wherever I went either on parasailing or to a small town
I really missed you like anything; I missed you.

It’s rightly said, “Your absence should be long enough;
That someone misses you but not so long that;
Someone learns to live without you”
Then time taught me to live independently
Life again seems extremely lovely
Thanks for coming and being a perfect escapist
Your absence has taught me lot many things
And God has whispered in my ears;
This all happened just to let me know
I do deserve and will definitely get
A much better person as the man of my life
Who will stay and walk with me a million miles.


kashif said...

kia tarjumani hi

Debraj said...

This true that forget some one is not easy,,,,,,,, by the way who told u to forget ur love make him in u r mind & think positive & go ahead and love will find his own way.................

Ajit Singh Rana said...

Hi Megha ,,,

that That Missing really happens with evrybody.. ita a lesson for each one of us. Go ahead and forget the past.....learn things from past, but dont become defensive and resist yourself..............

One more time really an awesome. Keep it up :)

Prit said...

A thought which always remain close to my heart... :)