Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Day of Independence

It is said that to know how to free one-self is nothing; the arduous thing is to know what to do with one's freedom. Though India has got freedom long back but do we really know how to handle the freedom. It’s hard to accept the fact that we are living in the crime city. The crime is increasing so day by day that its hiding our city good things, its strength and its achievement. Some of the happenings that are really disappointing are as follows:

Honor Killing – I think it’s becoming the part of daily news that somewhere parents kill their own child and their life partner and the only reason is that they were in love. So what if children fall in love out of caste and marry; are we not free to love even? And by killing and murder whose honor has gone high? Have people started respecting or worshipping those parents who killed their own children?

Single women traveler- Criminals are free to roam around; steal and murder but girls are not free. If a girl wants to go out along she just cannot as there is fear of misfortune. Single girls even if they walk in the park they are not safe; eve teasers stare at them or comment on them or some misfortune take place if a girl is out alone. Why don’t people leave her alone if she wants to be alone? So basically a girl is not free even to walk alone?

Police & Punishment- If police would have been strict enough to be extremely strict on criminals then the crime won’t have gone high. In today’s world it easy to murder or kill but its hard to live life peacefully. Anyone is free to murder and kill police will only take some bribe that’s all there will no harm to criminals. Oh yes finally we are free to do anything wrong. If someone rapes a girl; girl will be punished with a bad name and no-one marrying her but the one who raped her is free to live life and enjoy. I wonder why the girl is punished; what was her fault? So Criminals happy freedom to you. Now-a-days we don’t fear from law but from criminals. Basically crime rules

Cleanliness – With freedom come great responsibility. If we are free we should be responsible to keep our city clean. Living in Delhi or India you must have faced that when you are walking or driving on road and suddenly someone spits in front of you. I feel like giving tight slap to person who spits or I feel like vomiting. Do people love to walk besides the wall or footpath or road full of paan spits and other garbage?

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better; so Indians should now be responsible enough to be better and handle freedom. It will be amazing to have freedom to love, freedom to walk alone, freedom to live without fear of criminals and freedom from the untidiness.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Single woman and still Happy

I read a novel by Anita Nair – Ladies Coupe; which is all about a single question - Can a woman stay single and be happy, or does a woman need a man to feel complete? It is an interesting novel, the story of a woman's search for strength and independence, Ladies Coupe focuses on the inner strength every girl possesses. It has tried to show all the phases of a woman’s life with 5 ladies sharing their lifes stories:

• Fourteen-year-old girl, with her ability to perceive what others cannot.
• Another about pampered wife and confused mother.
• Then about a chemistry teacher married to the poetry of elements and an insensitive tyrant too self-absorbed to recognize her needs.
• About the perfect daughter and wife, transformed for life by a glimpse of a swimming pool;
• And about a girl whose innocence was destroyed by one night of lust.
• And the forty-five and single, an income-tax clerk, and a woman who has never been allowed to live her own life - always the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the provider.

Well I believe that secretly every girl wants her own independence and crave to be known by her own name. She wants to break the barriers to be known as somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister, somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother or somebody’s grandmother and longing for her own true identity. I agree that sometimes it feels great and fantastic when we overhear that she is their daughter or she is her/his sister or there she goes that man’s wife.

From the day a girl is born, she is taught to sacrifies her own desires for the sake of her family first to be a good daughter/ sister and then a good wife and a homemaker... But at certain age a girl may long to hear by her own name and long to hear that – there SHE goes – nobody’s daughter , wife or mother just simple her name. Even if she wants to remain single – Indian society won’t allow that. People often come to young girls and start suggesting its time you search for better man for yourself and their unlimited advices. May be Indian society has made a woman so weak that she has to be depended on other even for a name; or May be Indian society is so jealous of single Indian woman that it won’t allow a single woman to breathe in Indian society. May be at certain a woman might forget her own name as she is known as her daughter, mother, sister or whatever.

I strongly believe that a single woman can live all alone and be extremely happy. It’s not woman that needs man to live life completely. If a working woman can manage very well her work and her house, she can undeniably take a good care for herself. I guess a single man cannot manage all alone; he is depended on a woman to take care of his food, clothes and shelter… It’s a man who is weak and not woman. Vivdly, it's not easy for woman in modern society; we still have to go the extra mile to prove ourself and work twice as hard as man.

Personally I, Megha Bhatia, want a good husband and my own family; not because that I am not strong enough to live alone and not because to be accepted by Indian society; But because it’s my desire and dream and not at all a need.

So girls - be strong and independent; you don’t need to afraid of anything and fear nothing. A novel is a true inspiration to be sovereign and strong… Must read for every Lady. Though the question still remains unanswered will Indian society ever accept a single woman??

Sunday, January 3, 2010

missing you

Life seemed beautiful when you entered my life,
And you showed me dreams of your would be wife
Those moments were so special so beautiful
When we spent time together, talking, walking and our laughter,
Romance was all in the air & we left the throng
Then abruptly you went away without saying a word,
Without hearing a word, neither said nor heard…
I kept wondering what went wrong…
I doubted myself I blamed my destiny
I asked several times to God
Why did it happen? Why me why?

Considering this as our break up
I decided to move on in my life,
Than to keep crying for you Mr. escapist,
I visited many places just to forget you…
But wherever I went either on parasailing or to a small town
I really missed you like anything; I missed you.

It’s rightly said, “Your absence should be long enough;
That someone misses you but not so long that;
Someone learns to live without you”
Then time taught me to live independently
Life again seems extremely lovely
Thanks for coming and being a perfect escapist
Your absence has taught me lot many things
And God has whispered in my ears;
This all happened just to let me know
I do deserve and will definitely get
A much better person as the man of my life
Who will stay and walk with me a million miles.

Friday, January 1, 2010

old year meets new year

Somewhere I read, “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” Let’s see what words I put in opportunity; hope to have words of success; happiness; love and laughter.

As I welcome the New Year; new aspirations and a fresh start but still holding the old year memories. Old year has said good bye leaving behind some precious moments; some lessons I needed to learn; few tear shedding moments and some fabulous moments which I never wanted to end.

Those moments so special so beautiful:-

Clearing all my PGDHRM exams – it feels really great to complete; and was extremely happy on clearing my last exams…. Finally pappu pass ho gaya
Making my professional performance graph go up and up… hope I reach to the heights higher than the sky… night shifts mein kaam karke hai par bhaut khush hai
Meeting new people; visiting places and those little adventure trips like parasailing… ghumhte phirte aish karte rhenge

Lessons from the old year:-

To be more self confident.
To not trust others blindly and easily.
To be patient and wait for the right time to bring the best results.

To think the other way round it’s neither the end nor the beginning it’s continues journey to learn; to live life king size; to be happy; to cry sometimes; to experience some breathtaking moments and to hope and dream. So the journey continues…..