Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Day of Independence

It is said that to know how to free one-self is nothing; the arduous thing is to know what to do with one's freedom. Though India has got freedom long back but do we really know how to handle the freedom. It’s hard to accept the fact that we are living in the crime city. The crime is increasing so day by day that its hiding our city good things, its strength and its achievement. Some of the happenings that are really disappointing are as follows:

Honor Killing – I think it’s becoming the part of daily news that somewhere parents kill their own child and their life partner and the only reason is that they were in love. So what if children fall in love out of caste and marry; are we not free to love even? And by killing and murder whose honor has gone high? Have people started respecting or worshipping those parents who killed their own children?

Single women traveler- Criminals are free to roam around; steal and murder but girls are not free. If a girl wants to go out along she just cannot as there is fear of misfortune. Single girls even if they walk in the park they are not safe; eve teasers stare at them or comment on them or some misfortune take place if a girl is out alone. Why don’t people leave her alone if she wants to be alone? So basically a girl is not free even to walk alone?

Police & Punishment- If police would have been strict enough to be extremely strict on criminals then the crime won’t have gone high. In today’s world it easy to murder or kill but its hard to live life peacefully. Anyone is free to murder and kill police will only take some bribe that’s all there will no harm to criminals. Oh yes finally we are free to do anything wrong. If someone rapes a girl; girl will be punished with a bad name and no-one marrying her but the one who raped her is free to live life and enjoy. I wonder why the girl is punished; what was her fault? So Criminals happy freedom to you. Now-a-days we don’t fear from law but from criminals. Basically crime rules

Cleanliness – With freedom come great responsibility. If we are free we should be responsible to keep our city clean. Living in Delhi or India you must have faced that when you are walking or driving on road and suddenly someone spits in front of you. I feel like giving tight slap to person who spits or I feel like vomiting. Do people love to walk besides the wall or footpath or road full of paan spits and other garbage?

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better; so Indians should now be responsible enough to be better and handle freedom. It will be amazing to have freedom to love, freedom to walk alone, freedom to live without fear of criminals and freedom from the untidiness.