Monday, February 18, 2013

A trip to vaishno devi...

After a long time, I am back to post something in my blog. I just returned from a trip to Vaishno Devi and had some really fun and interesting experience while traveling.

We reached Delhi Cantt Railway station at valentine's night to catch the train to Jammu. we met our friends and were waiting for the train at station filled with different people beggars, people waiting at wrong platform and realizing at the 11th hour then running hurriedly to catch their train and some hidden thieves waiting to stole things and have their jackpot.
Traveling in a local train can also be so much fun; running, rushing, pushing to catch train which stops at this station only for 2 mins and also at the same time being careful with our belongings to protect them from being stolen. At last we reached our seat; but heard a lady crying and shouting as her purse was stolen at the station and at the same time there came a big family next to our seats to attend a wedding a jalandhar; Gosh! what a oh hulla they had... Excited to attend wedding it looked like they were traveling in train for the first time... sure i had a headache because of mixed noise from all the corners. And then again come a family searching for their bag which might have been stole... uff thieves!

And we took a taxi to reach from Jammu to Katra and stayed at a hotel and this is a close from our hotel room.

Sure it was a freezing cold weather and it rained all day and night as we started walking, climbing 14 kms to pray

Covered with rain coat we started our journey. As I refreshed my memory when I visited here as a child, I remember crowd singing on same tone that was," pori pori chadta jaa jai mata di karta jaa... zor se bolo.... main nahi sunaya.... jai mata di... sab zor se bolo jai mata di...." but we had a different voices and experiences here...
 People were either busy in talking with themselves or eating or listening bollywood songs and some playing bhajans remixed on bollywood songs... and there were some people who were walking silently. most of the people took horse to cover the distance.
And something different I overheard while walking, there was some guy who mistakenly said ,"Galatiyaan toh Bhagwaan se hi hoti hai...." lol.

And there comes a young group singing," Mount view hotel phir bhi khush nahi... jai mata di.... sada room tusi le gaye... jai mata di.... ab nahi chala jaa raha... jai mata di.... horse le lo... jai mata di"

And a young a boy expalining something to his friend said," zindagi mein jo hona hai woh toh hona hi hai, tension nahi lene ka"
.  Fog, chilled waves and freezing hands could not stop us.

In both times we met a army soldiers traveling in train; may be this has become a part of their life to travel frequently.
A trip to remembered always; its fun and interesting to meet different people. Whether good or bad experience always teach us something or the other. 
And at the end of journey we were dog tired and exhausted.


ranjana bhatia said...

वावो ..यह हुई न बात ..साथ के साथ लिख लिया इन खूबसूरत यादों को ...बहुत बढ़िया तरीके से लिखा है :) लिखती रहा करो यूँ ही ..:)

Purva said...

nice!! Keep writing :)

Meghaa said...

thank u so much